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The two greatest concerns federal employees have as they are nearing their retirement, is the concern of not having enough money to retire when they wanted to, and worse yet, running out of money during their federal retirement.

These concerns are by no means irrational or unfounded. According to the highly regarded EBRI Retirement Security Projection Model, an estimated 40.6% of Americans will run out of money during their retirement and this study was done long before the Corona Virus invaded our country. Those numbers will certainly increase in time especially in light of the fact that Social Security is on target to be significantly reduced in 2029.

FERS Federal Employees are also facing the risk that their “Annuity Supplement” will either be significantly reduced or totally eliminated.

Since 2001, we have been helping federal employees build “Bullet-Proof Federal Retirements” by using a Proprietary Roth IRA program which helps federal employees supplement their federal retirement by offering both a Guaranteed Lifetime Income and a life insurance component that provides  both  living benefits and a death benefit.

We encourage you to put your “Federal Retirement Destiny” in your own hands and explore the possibility of creating your own  Proprietary Roth IRA.

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